About Us

Huish Academy Trust Aims

We aim to provide a safe, caring, happy and well-ordered environment, in all of our schools, where everyone's contribution is valued, and all members of our school community develop their full potential. We have 6 overarching pillars, and they affect everything we do.

High expectations

We believe that it is wrong to set a ceiling on learning. All children who are part of the Trust have the right to an education that challenges, excites and motivates them to persevere and work hard at reaching their aspirations. Children are encouraged from a very young age to take pride in what they do, and to persevere when learning is challenging.

Outstanding teaching

Teachers change lives.  All children will be taught by teachers who will ensure all children are achieving outcomes which enable them to be confident and aspirational citizens. Teaching is personalised to fit the needs of all learners, and children and parents are kept informed of progress and next steps. In order to keep our teachers at the forefront of new developments, training and enrichment for teachers, just as it is for students, is an expectation for all.

Excellent Behaviour

Children need to be in a learning environment which fosters a sense of worth and an understanding of how the right attitudes enable us to learn.  Because we teach children what good behaviour looks like, as well as reinforce it in all aspects of their school lives, all learners understand why poor behaviour is not tolerated.

Firm Foundations in English and Maths

Our children spend on average over 15 hours a week on the mastery of reading, writing and mathematics. Our lessons are inspiring but are underpinned by the understanding that children need to be equipped with the necessary skills to be good readers, writers and mathematicians. This in turn will enable them to develop their skills in every other subject. Our curriculum is rich, exciting and diverse, but most importantly, it is accessible to all because we ensure all children have the skills they need to engage with their learning at every level.


Children learn that self-respect and respect for others is a cornerstone to good relationships.  Embedding self-belief, alongside the ability to listen, take part, and understand that others have a right to their views, is key to becoming a confident, happy citizen.  Respect for their school, and community is an integral part of our vision. Taking pride in themselves, in their work, friends, school and surroundings, enables learners to engage with their world in a confident, thoughtful way.

Digital Literacy

Digital Literacy plays a vital role in supporting a child’s ability to succeed both in school and throughout their lives.  At Huish, we use technology to enhance Quality First classroom learning, across all classes.  This includes the use of iPads, laptops, programmable robots, etc.  We use technology for a range of testing purposes and results are analysed in order to adapt the curriculum to need.  Children become used to using technology as a tool to help them self-assess understanding, eg AR, MyMaths.  Digital Literacy can also be seen to be separate from computer literacy.  It requires critical thinking skills, an awareness of the necessary standards of behaviour expected in online environments, and an understanding of the shared social issues created by digital technologies.

We aim to provide a safe, caring, happy and well-ordered environment, in all of our schools, where everyone's contribution is valued, and all members of our school community develop their full potential. We have 6 overarching pillars, and they affect everything we do.

Primrose Lane Primary School

19 Nov 2019

The Huish Academy Trust is pleased and proud to announce that Primrose Lane Primary School has been recognised by Ofsted as an ‘outstanding’ school. Primrose Lane received its first full i...

Milford Junior School join the Huish Academy Trust

23 Sep 2019

In September 2019, The Huish Academy Trust was pleased to welcome Milford Junior School into the Trust, joining Huish Primary School and Primrose Lane Primary School. Milford Junior School is a large...

Huish are rewarded with Somerset Wellbeing Award

13 Jun 2019

Huish Primary School have been working towards achieving the Somerset Wellbeing award to recognise the positive work that they do towards ensuring that children leave our school healthy and positive!...

World Book Day at Primrose Lane

12 Mar 2019

To celebrate World Book Day the children of Primrose Lane Primary School were visited by Pete the Poet; He did a whole school assembly to introduce the children to the idea of rhyming. He then worked...

China Day 2018

06 Feb 2019

Huish Primary School celebrated Chinese New Year in style!  Now an annual cultural event, pupils celebrated their strong link with their partner school in China, Dongcheng Primary. All year grou...

Huish Carol Concert

03 Dec 2018

Huish Primary School held their annual Carol Concert at St John's Church on Monday 3rd December. Their House Captains told the story "Refuge" by Anne Boath and Sam Usher. The school choirs performed a...

Fibonacci Day

23 Nov 2018

On November 23rd, Huish Primary School celebrated Fibonacci Day. Throughout the school children spent the day completing maths activities based on the works of Fibonacci - a famous mathematician who d...

Primrose Lane Official Opening

16 Jan 2018

STAFF and pupils at Yeovil’s newest primary school had a day to remember as dignitaries from Somerset County Council joined them for its official launch. Primrose Lane Primary School opened its...